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laowa 10‑18mm f4.5‑5.6 fe zoom

Laowa 10-18 mm f4.5-5.6 fe zoom

The world's widest zoom lens for Sony FE-mount camera.

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a wide angle man. My most used lenses are therefore the following Lenses: Laowa 12 mm Zero D a fixed lens, Laowa 15 mm Zero D a fixed lens.

From Sony I use the Sony 24-105 mm G as zoom.

The Laowa 10 - 18 mm has now also been added to this range of lenses

Read my findings below.

What should we know about this lens?

Venus optics mainly makes lenses that you cannot find at other manufacturers or that cannot be compared with what is already on the market. Here for example, the widest zoom lens for the Sony full frame FE mount. This super small lens weighs less than 500 grams.

In my opinion simply too crazy for words, small, bright, light and above super quality.

Something I always look for in a lens and that is to use my 100mm Benro filters. Something that other brands or lenses most of the time overlook.

Not here at Laowa, all in one package. 

Comparison On the left you can see the example of what I mean.

Now I am not saying that the Sony 12-24 is not a good lens, certainly not.

But this one is much bigger, more expensive and above that I have to switch to a 150mm filter system that I don't feel like.

In my bag, the Laowa 15mm Zero D and the Laowa 10-18mm take up as much space as the 12-24mm from Sony.

Both stacked flat on top of each other in 1 compartment of my bag, with the necessary protection in between.

This is again a very solid lens with manual zoom. Also manually rotate the diaphragm on the ring around the lens. With a switch you are able to turn without the click. Ideal for people who do video.

Price for this Lens is very affordable.


Sharpness is a must for my landscapes and cityscapes.

Now that we sometimes come close to the ground during our recordings, a focus stacking cannot be ruled out at a certain distance.

The shortest distance that we can focus with this lens is 15 cm viewed from your sensor.

Here on this image on the right I am about 20 to 30 cm above the ground and I have not used focus stacking.

The angle of 130 degrees at 10 mm provides a huge shooting angle. Here you can see the foreground in the picture and the buildings from just above 60 meters high in 1 picture taken at a distance of 25 meters. And this without tilting the lens and camera.


As you can see, there is not much distortion. I compare the distortion a bit with a normal wide-angle lens such as the canon 16-35 mm but much less.

What you are going to have, for example, is a change in proportion.

What do I mean by this? The center of a wide-angle lens has the property to shrink and the edges the opposite.

So the greater the lens angle, the more you will have this, this is a characteristic of all wide-angle lenses.

12mm will have this less and 15mm even less. If I take a 24 mm, this will occur even less, which is why lens choice is so important when taking an image.

Difference in lens choice

Is one lens better than the other?

No, this is a choice that the photographer must make himself.

Below you will see the differences in lens selection,

series 1: 10 mm 12 mm 15 mm

series 2: 10 mm 15 mm 24 mm


Along the back of the lens you can put a filter of 37 mm, for example gray filth. This is standard equipped with a 37mm UV filter. "37mm drop-in"

Diaphragm blades

with its 5 slats you get to see these beautiful stars, and exceptionally this already starts at aperture f / 4.5 and continues in this way up to aperture f / 22. Below nice example "recording taken with an gradient filter"

Images I made with the Laowa 10-18 mm


I am very satisfied with this lens. I must honestly say it was getting used to in the beginning that I got hold of this lens.

At first I wasn't so convinced but this was because I didn't know the lens so well. Once I was used to the lens and how I use it best in the field, the quality increased.

People who know the Laowa a little will know exactly what I mean.

Get to know your material is my message.

That is why I always take the time with an objective before I write something about it.

Price is fine for this objective 999 €

Who is this super compact lens for?

Landscape photography

Urban landscapes


Slow shutter speeds and super wide angle lens.

Laowa Benelux HERE

Laowa Global HERE



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