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LAOWA 15mm f / 2 FE Zero-D - Sony FE

Wide angle and RECTILINEAR lens with an angle of 110 degrees!

As many know, I like to use fixed lenses and certainly the Laowa lenses. And above that I am also an avid user of filters for my slow shutter speed.

So my search for lenses I am always looking for quality for a decent price and as a cherry on the cake the possibility for filters.

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If I can start with some benefits for myself.

- Light and small

- Bright

- no bells or whistles = Manual

- Super sharp

- cost price for this F2.0 lens> target price 999 €

If I compare the price with other lenses, it is noticeable and this is also a big factor in purchasing an objective. And think that this will be the same for many people.

Experience in the field

Every time we buy a new material we are always euphoric this is normal, but am I still after several months of testing and shooting?

The answer is yes. I prefer this lens as my 1st preference for city photography as shown here on the left. Now the 12mm Laowa is also a mega good lens but in the city I opt for it. Now not because it is better but my personal preference.

Differences 12mm TOV. 15mm

For me personally that is the ratio of the center of the image to the corners outside of the side image. What do I mean by this? If you have 12mm, the center becomes smaller and the corners are larger. This is completely normal with a wide angle. The 15mm has this less this is comparable with the 16-35mm eg from other brands but wider. So the relationship personally suits me better on buildings in the city because we usually have buildings, bridges or other structures on the edges of the photo.

So a bridge in the picture on the edges becomes larger compared to the middle, but not extreme.

On the image on the right you see the magnification happening but is not extreme and remains in relation to the image. Also the clouds stay in the picture and have slight magnification towards the top corners and that is what I like to air clouds.

If we photographed this with a 16mm, 17mm or 24mm and assume that we can frame this with the same crop. Even then, we would not have those threatening clouds this is typical of these lenses. Same for the 12mm but even more in the picture and even more magnification.

Why still this lens?

Simple RECTILINEAIRE this means that we have no distortion on our straight lines in the picture. Like on the 16-35mm, for example, you can have a slight curve around the edges on straight lines. City photography and low point of view = straight lines on our floor tiles from left to right in view, here too no spheres on straight lines.

Wide angle

The wide angle is 110 degrees, which means that we do not have 35 degrees to the left and right to capture 180 degrees of images. This is already a very big angle.

On the left of the picture you can see that in Ghent I can register the church vaults in 1 image. This has the altar from the left and the entrance on the right. Here a full church ceiling in 1 image is photographed with the 15mm wide angle of Laowa. This is not a small church and I am standing right.


What we also have is a beautiful star mark with this lens. Beautiful star markings already start at low aperture values. You do not have to go extreme like 16 or 22, we already have this from f8 in certain circumstances. Usually I photograph between the f8 and the f11 so here I am fine. Here the 9 aperture blades ensure the sharpness is also an advantage.

Technical and special features

- The widest rectilinear lens for native E-mounts (110 degrees)

- Very fast lens through the f / 2 aperture

- Has virtually no distortion

- Features 72mm filter thread

- Minimum focal distance 15cm

- Specially designed aperture switch, ideal for filmmakers

- Super light and compact

- Suitable for, among other things, astro, landscape and low-light photography

- For Sony Full Frame E-mount cameras

- Focal length: 15mm

- Max. aperture: f / 2

- Viewing angle: 110 degrees

- Lens structure: 12 lens elements in 9 groups

- Aperture blades: 9

- Min. focal distance: 15cm

- Max. magnification: 1: 4

- Filter wire: 72mm

- Setting: Sony FE

- Recommended retail price € 999, - incl. VAT

Useful information

Laowa ZeroD 15mm more technical info HERE

For questions or info you can always contact me via message or facebook.

You can also join me at workshops where you can also see this lens at work.

You can also be found at photography fairs and will be on the Laowa stand at Lowland in Antwerp and Photo days in Brussels

Greetings Steve

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