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Workshop Trip to London 4 days to photograph and enjoy together with a group of cool photographers. Our departure to London was planned in the early morning.

The bags were ready to pick up and leave for the station.

My wife also puts her bag ready next to mine.

Beautiful cityscapes are one of her favorite photo moments.

For Long Exposure Cityscapes you do not need a lot of gear, so each normal bag was more than sufficient.

Once on the Eurostar and with direction to London you really left. Now  it is done with countdown.

Quickly navigate through the tunnels and corridors with our heavy suitcases and camera gear.

King’s Cross

Escalator up and down with our backpacks and suitcases, real tourists in London.

Our first departure place towards the Hotel.

The atmosphere in the group was immediately ok and everyone with a smile on the face looking out to London.

Once arrived at our hotel start with a quiet dinner.

This after a while to be on the road, and to shift the thoughts and get energized.

Have a nice chat during our meal and the group had a good connection and the tone was immediately set for the full trip :-).

I was looking forward to this no longer nice group of people and my wife by my side.

All armed with our camera devices.

London Tower Bridge

We take our photo materials and leave an icon in London. up to our first location

Everyone directly in the zone and supreme concentration during the first shoot.

Actually as photographers, we are sometimes weird creatures, elated, laughing, screaming and roaring with laughter one moment.

Until we take the camera, we switch to a different mode, serious and super focused.

Our first location.

The day had already passed and the day could no longer be broken.

On to Lacatie number 2 also on the Tower bridge but a different point of view.

Everyone photographed at their own pace and when there were questions I answered and solved them with great pleasure.

The first people were ready and moved with the camera and tripod to location 2, slightly closer to the bridge.

A very busy city  but a quiet and relaxing evening on the Thames.

After the fight with my new remote control I moved along with the last of the group towards location 2. Every new material can be re-adjusted.

After using the same remote control for several years and looking for new buttons that are not there, you can stand stumbling. 

Every beginning is hard hihi

Arriving at location two, the first were already busy photographing.

Anne-Marie had already taken a very nice position and I joined her.

From here I could also capture the group beautifully while they were photographing and that in a nice frame.

The group was mooring the Tower Bridge on the shore.

Here was also the possibility to test several things during this trip.

After our first shoot, it was already evening.

On the way we stepped into a restaurant to finish our evening.

For this I would sign that every day in London would be so great. 

To end the day a selfie with slow shutter speed, sorry for my selfie addiction.

Goal day 2 - Do better than the day before.

We went that day to a small location where we could capture images both inside and outside.

After all, it was not ideal for outdoor weather.

Now we have to row with the belts that Mother Nature gave us and make the best of it.

Outside was the search for images and it only depended on the subject, no further clouds to be detected.

Compose a camera, play and search for the right image.

Here the Sony a7r iii with the Laowa 12mm ZeroD and the Magic shift adapter.

Laowa 12mm becomes a 16mm lens but the advantage you have when using the shifter is enormous.

Post-processing will be reduced by 50% as a result, the photo will be retained and nothing will be cut afterwards.

More info about the Laowa 12mm you will find me my material.

Inside it was all to enjoy the icy silence and tranquility.

With this cloudy weather it was also easier to absorb the difference between the large glass parts and the dark inside of the building.

Everyone had quickly taken his place and had left for some time to photograph.

Inner peace

We were allowed to photograph and use a tripod here.

London is known for its TRIPOD POLICE and is almost nowhere permitted.

Those who were ready inside could continue to photograph outside before we moved on to a next location.

Now everyone was busy here and that with supreme accuracy and precision, the otherwise exuberant and cheerful group was suddenly transformed into super concentrated beings this was pure enjoyment for me when you see how people are driven in their photography.

Despite everything well planned and worked out, you always come to surprises and on site 2 of the day unfortunately site carts and height workers.

But no worries enough locations so explored to the next.

This location is a known place from a James Bond movie where their MI6 headquarters are blown up. This is not the MI6 building but close to it.

The assignment of the day was "how do I make a SHITTY SKY a pleasant picture" so as always we have a nice solution for this.

HIGH KEY and slow shutter speeds here deliberately do not close the polarization to have nice white water but enjoy the 2stops of light that he stops. This in combination with other ND filters.

While everyone was photographing, police boats passed by and the photographers checked extensively from the water, a few minutes later a police heli hung over our heads. :-)

Probably because 1 tripod leg on the wall looks like a gun barrel? :-)

hihi I did not quit but we were left safely this time

Next Crazy buildings stop and lots of waves and structures.

Here also another composition was regularly taken.

And also the time taken to chat, drink and photograph.

Everyone is busy again.

On to the next location and time to eat and just to change your mind where you can do better than at one of London's busiest places.

Day 3 - Harry Potter

location for all the hustle and bustle of the day.

While we were photographers, a BELLA BALERINA came to use this location.

Everyone on mail to capture this beautiful appearance.

Before everyone else, this was recorded from the ground during the warm-up.

Her photographer was still composing his material.

PS life is for the fast ones.

On our next location of the day unfortunately not much clouds but we keep it dry that is the most important.

Also the atmosphere in the group became better and better every moment. If you have pain in the stomach muscles in the evening and in your jaws of laughter you know that you are doing well.

500% Happiness !!!!!!

Everyone in London in the coming years will not capture the "BIG BEN" without risers or scaffolding.

That is of course outside of Mr. Steve De Waele counted, I could capture it quickly without the risers and work, this had to happen in a fraction of a second.

Here not only Workshop was given but also loving couples from the emergency were helped with their photos.

Helpful as we are here was immediately shot into action and the couple could use a photographer of service.

Nice one

All craziness on a stick we must remain serious and we go back to eat a piece, this time in the hotel.

Then to our evening location.

The light was all the way that evening, so we decided to step on the last minute. f

ly quickly towards the right light.

This was a right decision at the right time.

Here under our closing of the day.

During this evening a break was also taken for a quick bite and drink,

And also a portrait of my wife and participants.

During this break I could enjoy the participants how they were doing their passion.

Seeing how people enjoy photographing has me as much satisfaction as photographing myself how strange this may sound.

Last Night in London

We ended at the Tower Bridge

Our next location was a fight against the "TRIPOD POLICE".

This is where your patience is put to the test.

The times you are tapped on the fingers and sent away is enormous. So bad that I lost count.

While shooting, I can FEEL a little (sorry for my language) against the security and the others are free to submit their images.

Everyone is happy and the participants have their images, securety has the impressionant content. And I have been allowed to dare I content hahahah that I do as the best.

The last morning we pick up another scene before we go into the breakfast And everything comes to an end also to this very successful workshop in London.

For this I can only thank you to all participants.

Thanks for this beautiful trip and the beautiful images that I have already seen pass by the participants, the beautiful images that I have already seen for me the trip succeeded.



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