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Provence France Trip

The Purple Gold

Small piece in the south where the lavender fields are always more beautiful than elsewhere.Here the grass is not greener but the flowers are colored purple.

If you are present at the right time, this trip is always worthwhile. After many kilometers from Ghent our first evening was already rewarded with a first image.

What used to be a normal and lonely place as a little boy is no longer there.

With rare and lonely I mean, now you are never alone. It is full of people while you used to stop along the side and you were as good as alone.

Now it's fighting for a nice place and hope you do not have to work too much in Lightroom or Photoshop. haha times change. Advantage is you can photograph here throughout the day.

The best period stays in the morning and evening at sunrise and sunset.

With the warm golden colors the purple fields are even more beautiful.

Morning glory brings ......

We left the first night on the left. We could use the rest nicely after the whole day to drive to the south. After the evening shoot we crawled under wool, now this is not so early in the summer.

The day after early from the springs.

Our early morning was indeed bringing gold. Here and there we could see some small mist pegs hanging not far but just enough for the atmosphere to float. I chose here to take a detail and go for the atmosphere.

Sunrise with golden colors, the sun is to the right of our perfect location for the CPL. Polarization here ensures beautiful deep colors in the water and especially in the foliage of the trees.

The colors appealed to me enormously here now I am not a detail man but I liked them here.

Milky Way Panorama

Our first day started fluently, No Stress What we mainly did our first hours of day was scouting all our locations. This saves you a lot of time. Locations sometimes change over time.

After we went through our planning at home and prepared, we also had a little work in the south. We first wanted to explore and choose our night location. Well that everything was nicely prepared we could just drive from location to location without stress or worries.

After two or three locations we had the appropriate evening locations for sunset and the locations before sunset.

This night recording was one of the planned locations and planned vision of the location. I prepared everything for it, Location, stars, galaxy and stars. Now for different things you have to be lucky like. Open sky for the stars and foreground HERE no lavender anymore but still ok for this shot.

I knew the state of the galaxy how it stood. some still take the pictures.

Gear i use

Because the question always gets which materials I have used, I will also give an immediate answer to this. The Panorama photo is built on 8 vertical images.

Taken from my tripod with built-in panorama plate. This facilitates my workflow. Camera with L-plate allows me to place camera vertically without losing stability. As an objective, my faithful 12mm wide angle. Choice of lens is very important not only for the light intensity but also at f8 as here it leaves more and more light than eg 24mm at f8.

Which then benefits the shutter speed. To simplify everything afterwards I also use the True Night filter from Benro. DE Filter ensures that I remove the light pollution directly in the camera. Just above the horizon light pollution is present from the city in the distance.

Then it is just having patience and working fast. Patience is put to the test by passing cars that always light up the fields and thus help your image to the buttons.

But as if everything, patience is rewarded.

You can find the material list below for further information.

Drone Shots

Here and there was already a picture taken from the air with the DJI drone. A flying camera that also lets you explore other perspectives.

Left image taken in the morning and right image in the evening.

On the left you can see that the sun is just in the initial phase, only the tops take sunlight on the rest is still in full shade. here everything is nicely colored in gold. In the distance we see a small fog appearing in the valley. On the other image you would think that there is action but nothing is less true, this agricultural machine is completely silent waiting for the day after. And that turned out to be correct. The next morning at sunrise, this field had already been completely mowed.

So stopping the evening here turned out to be a right decision.

Here you also have to take into account a trip like this. Do not delay until tomorrow what you can photograph now. Do you have time to stop then do it half an hour that you photograph is always taken.

The image below was taken the night before, in the morning after everything was gone.

Golden hour

What clever man invented the golden hour probably did not have a sense of time in those days. Unfortunately we as photographers know better all these beautiful hours last unfortunately only 20 minutes where the light is optimal. hahaha

Now images without lavender can also be beautiful, the lines with the mountains and the golden colors give me a warm feeling of pleasure in such places and moments.

We had no luck that day it was a day of many hours without images. sometimes you have no problem with that and some days you have a hard time with it.

We could enjoy being present at this beautiful location but a beautiful image is always included.

But our patience was rewarded with this beautiful conclusion of the day.

Extra information

The panorama photo with Milky Way is my favorite picture of the trip.

Used materials for the Panorama:

Benro filters and FH100 mk2 System

Benro True Night filter

Laowa 12mm objective Zero D

Sony a7r iii for image>

Sunway photo tripod head

Benro Tripod

Tenba backpack

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