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Landscape & Nature photography

Sunwayfoto T1a10 & XB28II

The small powerhouse from Sunwayfoto with tripod head.

Tripod that even fits in a pocket, but has high carrying capacity.

The tripod shown here on the left is the same version but a newer model is already available. Something rounder of design shown below.

Carrying capacity tripod T1a11 20kg. cost price 30 €

Carrying capacity tripod head XB28ii 4,5kg cost price 60 €.

So this tripod can tolerate quite a bit and is a real workhorse.

Read more below.

Small is beautiful.

on the image on the right you see the current new model with its dimensions. Closely folded it fits perfectly in the hand. The tripod head that I have on it is also not big but can handle enough for what I use it.

We have to be honest this is tripod head for large telephoto lenses, he is not designed. This is an ideal tripod in the city as extra where you can use quickly and conveniently. Or as a pulling photographer to limit weight.

What I also use to film myself, I place this tripod with my Sony a7iii somewhere on location and so I have a second tripod in small format. This can also sometimes be my GoPro.


On the left you can see my most used design. I especially waited until after the workshop in Paris to write this review. Paris is the ideal location to use as an example. Most major cities such as London, Paris, Rome and other older cities usually have large walls as parapet on the waterfront.

Sometimes it is true that there is a lot of people in these places, and here you only need a minimum of space. Also, I do not have any casual passers-by this way that hit my tripod. I limit my workspace here to a minimum without losing quality in my images or working method.

The XB-28ii is a plus for my photography because I like panorama images and Sunwayfoto has a solution for this. Just like my other tripod heads from Sunwayfoto, it has a panorama function. Not only the foot of the headset is provided to turn around but also the plate on which the camera is rustling.

The advantage is if your tripod is slightly tilted, then you set your tripod plate with camera level and then you can use this function to turn the camera around. That way, the camera will stay in perfect shape even if the tripod appears to be standing.

Nicely thought out and so this small small tripod is a sturdy workhorse.

Long shutter speeds

For my type of photography I am always looking for a sturdy tripod, for my larger tripods I always want a solid tripod, usually it is heavier in weight. I combine these with a ball head that can bear quite a lot of weight.


because I always touch my device during my recordings. Adjusting the shutter speed, filtering or sticking filters, so I want optimal stability and minimal movement, or nothing at all. as you can see here on the right, I use several exposures that I then put into post-processing. I have to have a minimum of movement for this.

The layers are aligned, but the less movement the more successes.

This tripod with ballhaed offers me that. The legs have 1 position but are super stable and do not move at all in an optimal basis. Here placed right on the edge of the water.


This tripod will never replace a large tripod so do not buy it with the expectation of getting the same from a larger tripod. It is a supplement to your gear.

What can this do:

Is working very quickly at the ground or as I use it on a handrail. \

At locations where you better work on a smaller surface area.

fits in any camera bag even in a handbag on vacation when you go steps and no photo material just a camera can be put in many places. As a second tripod to be used on location.

cost price tripod and head. ± 90 €

More technical info HERE



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