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Sunway photo XB-52 tripod head

Very occasionally I test something else sometimes this is not so special and sometimes it comes in handy. This fits in that last category.

The new Sunwayfoto head is the ideal solution for photographers who regularly take a panorama photo, but do not want to take all that extra material with them. Sunwayfoto comes with the solution ...

Sometimes we do not always record panorama images and you do not always come up with the right material on location. By material I mean "panorama head" we travel  as light as possible .

We try to do our best with our tripod by flatten it and that way we sometimes solve it.

Very often when we work on uneven ground, we see that if we see our horizon turning away slightly, or sometimes we see it in post.

What do we do during the recording of the different images, we correct our position. 

that is not always the best solution.

How do we do this?

We make our tripod level. with some tripods (some do not have a level) it is not possible.

Then you also have to put your head level.

What if this was no longer necessary?

As you can see from the images here on the left, you can set your camera nicely flat even even when your tripod is not level.

We can place our tripod as we wish without having to take any account of it. So tripod does not have to stand until we are going to put our headset picture.

If we put that plate of our ballhead level, our ball head can stay in place and we do not need to turn it on.

You can rotate your camera on the plate of the tripod head it self.

Convenient system, this means that we now also rotate centrally on the axis of the tripod.

Make de ball head plate level can be done at the plate itself.

On the images above you can see an additional rail of Sunwayfoto Nodal slide DMP. You have these in different lengths.

Why do I have one on my tripod?

I use this plate when I have a direct foreground and background in a panorama image.

Is this a must?

No but it makes my work much easier, more accurate and above all much less work in Lightroom or Photoshop.

The question is

-What is the difference now?

-With or without the Sunwayfoto Nodal slide?

I have done my best to illustrate this as well as possible here on the left of the next two images.

Here in photo 1 we have the traditional way this is certainly not wrong. When we have problems when we photograph a landscape in the field and we just have grass in the foreground, we rarely have problems.

If we are photographing in the city and have a stone path in the foreground, we often have problems with merging in Lightroom or Photoshop.

How come?

As you can see on the image, the camera rotates on the tripod and the lens rotates in a circle away from the center point.

As a result, the direct foreground and background is not always in the same line and also not at the same distance from the center point.

Photo 1 That perfect center point is called the NODAL POINT.

On photo 2 you can see the difference here the entire device and lens is perfectly rotating around that point. this keeps the foreground and background not only at the same distance when we turn. But the two are always on the same line.

This makes it easier to merge the images.

How do you get that correct Nodal point (center point)?

With the Nodal Slide in combination with the head of Sunwayfoto.

The Nodal Slide is therefore the only extra material that I have to take with me in the photo bag which in itself does not weigh anything. The extra 120gr that you do not really full and the head is on our tripod this would be the same with another tripod head.


What is the benefit of the nodal slide?

When we start photographing and certainly landscape, we tilt our lens and camera downwards not always much but just to enlarge the foreground.

We want to get the maximum out of our wide-angle lens.

If we are going to do this in combination with a panorama, we will walk even more against the problems.

Walking against problems, I mean that we will get more distortion.

If we then use the traditional method, the chance is very great if you put your images together, we will have extreme distortions and sometimes even throw your images in the trash.

Now with the Nodal Slide in combination with pano head (plate) you are going to have  as good as no problems.

Well understood if you use this well of course!

I feel the question is already coming :-)

No, you do not have to buy a completely new tripod head immediately if you do not want this. Sunwayfoto has been so smart to provide this plate for people who already have a tripod head that is ok, and want to provide it with a pano plate.

I have this plate also mounted on my Benro heads that were still good, so I now have a few tripods with a Sunwayfoto panorama plate. On my big tripod I replaced the benro head with a full head of Sunwayfoto.

What does this panorama picture cost only: € 89.95

The Full Sunway photo head I use XB-52 399.95 €, this is a heavy duty head that carries 60kg of weight so a heavy head.

The lighter version is the XB-44 299 €

Pictured here on the left is the FB-52 which costs € 234.95

Nodal slide costs between € 60 to € 90 depending on the length of camera and lens,

Technical info about tripod heads can be found HERE.COM   and  HERE.NL

As you know, people who know me can always contact me with their questions and doubts and I can also answer the necessary questions.

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