Portfolio - Steve De Waele

Steve De Waele

Landscape & Nature photography

Here is an overview of some of my images.

For me, a portfolio is something that is always different and changed.

A photographer continues to develop and keep changing tastes.

It is also impossible to place all my images here.

Personal I do not have a favorite image, I still have to make my best photo Tomorrow.

Also about taste you can debate, colors, style everything is negotiable in photography.

I am working on various themes in photography, macro, architecture, fine art, city landscapes, you name it.

My preference is for landscapes with slower shutter speeds "Long Exposure photography"

Below you will find several images that offer my personal something extra.



Jurassic Coast


Lake District

Bretagne Frnace

  • Bretagne
  • Bretagne
  • Bretagne



Northern Lights

Alps France

Opaal Coast France


Fine Art

Gent by Night

High Fens

Dragon flies

Vosges France


  • Vlinders, Butterfly
  • Vlinders, Butterfly
  • Vlinders, Butterfly
  • Vlinders, Butterfly


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